Friday, June 27, 2008


Well, I am working here on my second post (no I will not number everyone) and thinking a lot about family right now as we are getting ready for my parents 50th anniversary (Theresa, I guess you and I really need to talk next week). Melissa (younger sister) and her husband Jon Olav (first time meeting him) arrived Wednesday evening from her home in Norway, Melanie (older sister) will arrive on Monday and Jerry (older brother) (do I use parenthesis to much?) will arrive next Thursday. I am very excited for my parents to have the chance to celebrate 50 years together and can only pray that I am around long enough for Karen and I to share in our own celebration, we only have 25 more years to go and I hope she can put up with me that much longer.

With all of this going on I am reflecting on my childhood and on the more recent past of how my kids will remember their own childhood. Will they be good memories or thoughts of how much better it could have been or what they wish they could have done. Have I been the father that God needed me to be or was there more I could have done? I do know that I am not perfect and can only do what I can do, and yet still wonder if I am doing it right? I do not think I am alone in these thoughts, I kind of think all parents ask the same questions at times. Don't we? Sometimes I want to see God's grading system on how I am doing and yet most of the time I am pretty sure I do not want to see my grade, kind of like when I was in school. Hmm... think my kids feel the same way about grades? Anyway, just some thoughts I am having today.

I am attempting to just reflect some thoughts in this forum and not anything particular to anyone just my own reflections, which at times can be a little unique. If you have comments that you would like to share with me I always appreciate the contributions.

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