Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Passion,,, what is this?

As I am attempting to prepare for class on Sunday and praying that God will work through me to teach what the high school students need, I am researching on the internet (how did we live without this tool) and looking to define passion. As so many things on the internet when you search for a definition of passion you get so many different ideas, thoughts, blogs, etc... and each in some way has their own definition of passion. What are you passionate about? What is passion? Do we all have a deep passion for something? Do we attempt to hide that passion for fear of where it will lead us or what others will think of us if our passion is different from theirs? I think we all can agree that God had a great passion to create us all in his own image, and that Christ had a great passion to free us all from sin. What is your passion? To live a life for Christ? To lead others to Christ? Or to just exist and not cause waves in this cruel world? To deny that God placed a passion in each of our hearts because it is easier to be lazy than to be what Christ has truly meant us to be in this life?
As parents, do we have a passion to help our children, the children that God loaned us to prepare to for their journey on this earth, to truly become what God has designed them to be? Or are we to busy with our own life's, hiding from what we need to do, calling ourselves busy, to teach them, show them the way, and guide them to follow that passion inside to achieve all that God has set forth in their lives to become prosperous, productive christians, and further the work of our savior on this earth.
Maybe, we need to search our own lives, to re-kindle that passion that God has placed in our hearts that have hardened over the years with the scars of life. Just as Christ washed away our since so can he soften our hearts and help us to feel that passion again.

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